Noises Off!

By Michael Frayn

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. New York City

Noises off!

Produced the Summer 2012 by ERCT

“Noises Off” is a door-slamming farce about a play within a play. Real actors playing fake actors playing characters in a play (“Nothing On”) with a lot of sardines. If it sounds confusing, it won’t be. This is a fun romp through what things can be like behind-the-scenes of a Broadway play. We open with the rehearsals for a play called “Nothing On,” a comedy with girls running around in their lingerie and men whose pants fall down. The cast has only two weeks to prepare for their road run. Their work starts off rocky and only goes downhill from there.



Character Noises Off!

Character Nothing On!

Michael Conrad Lloyd Dallas
Emily Bowersox Brook Ashton Vicki
Denny Chuba Selsdon Mowbray Burglar
Paul Olson Freddy Fellows Phillip Brent/Sheikh
Dee Dee Buckley Dotty Otley Mrs. Clackett
Jon Rehlander Garry Lejeune Roger
Kristina Roe Belinda Blair Flavia Brent
Sarah Rabe Popp Norton-Tylor
Cullen Curott Timothy Allgood
Kyle Forga
Alyssa Rae Felicity the Props Manager
Leita Strei
Frank Star Neil the Sound Tech




Eileen Bowersox Director
Doug Johnson Asst. Director
Brian Budahn Producer
William Chesemore Set Designer/Master Builder/ Lighting Designer
Pat Noran Enderson PR, Marketing, and Social Media Manager
Jodi Acker Props Manager
Sarah Brace Scenic Painter
Deborah Lundberg Web Manager
Volunteers We have an amazing staff of volunteers to help with all the details and labor involved in building and running this show. Thank You!
This activity is funded, in part, by a grant from the Central MN Arts Board, through appropriations from the MN State Legislature with money from the state’s general fund and its arts & cultural heritage fund that was created by a vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.